1. Villisca Axe Murders

Join us while we travel back in time to discuss an infamous cold case: the Villisca Axe Murders. In our story about the tragic slaying of eight people there's crime scene shenanigans, bacon, an inebriated specialist, and the mystery of who could have swung the axe. 

2. black forest

Join us while we discuss the strange happenings at a family's home in Black Forest, Colorado. Are the strange occurrences the work of a gaggle of ghosts, a lazy vortex bouncer, or is there a possible MKUltra-style government conspiracy afoot?  

3. ghosts 

Join us while we gab about ghosts in our latest episode! We chat about the history of ghosts, seances in the White House, furbies, spiritualism, the witching hour, the first recorded haunting in America, scientific theories, and so much more!  

4. Halloween true crime 

Join us while we talk about four true crime cases that occurred on Halloween. Was it a trick or treater at the door? Was it really an anonymous tip? Was an innocent man executed? Was there a motive? Why did he go back?

5. Halloween: History, Myths, & Mischief

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Join us while we dissect the possible origins of Halloween and the various traditions we celebrate. We'll chat about Samhain, whether raisin cookies are an abomination, Halloween Sadism, root vegetable mutilation, souling,  200 boys, cabbage pranks, and some too-true cases where bodies were mistaken for décor.

6. Elizabeth Bathory  

Join us while we tell the story of the infamous Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory (AKA Erzsébet Bathory), of Hungary. We'll trace her story through her childhood to her bitter end and throw in a healthy dose of historical context along the way. Was she the most prolific female serial killer or has her story been warped by history?  Was she piercing for pleasure or a misunderstood healer? Did she bathe in blood or clothed in red?

7. Ouija 101

oin us while we get to know all things Ouija. We'll discuss how you play (or shouldn't), gassy fingers, ideomotor effect, talking boards throughout history, the history of Ouija boards specifically, and a sprinkle of The Exorcism.

8. Ouija stories

Join us as we sift through real stories about experiences with Ouija Boards.  We'll discuss stories where human shadows are replaced by weapons; a possible warning of a future murder; and the most  gruesome murder that can be linked to a Ouija Board.

9. Leonarda Cianciulli

Join us while we sift through the story of an Italian Soap Maker. In this true crime tale we will traverse generations of shitbirds, travel around Italy, discuss a terrible curse tinged with tragedy, and learn about crunchy tea cakes with some special ingredients. 

10. Dyatlov Pass

Join us on our expedition to the Dyatlov Pass. We'll cover the mysterious deaths of nine folks who went for an intense trip to earn a certification and never returned. Was it a government cover up? Aliens? Yetis? Or something else? We'll explore the event and give our opinions.

11. Zozo and black eyed kids, and yetis, oh my!

Join us while we dip into the lore, history, and experiences of some of our favorite legendary creatures. We'll talk about the bane of the Ouija board who may be a travel agent, a fluffy biped who eats pikas (not Pikachus), and unnerving children may cause nosebleeds but will definitely give you the creeps.

12, Christmas true crime

Join us as we unpackage some of our favorite true crime stories from the Christmas season. We'll talk about Santa's bank robbery that goes awry, Santa with DIY flamethrower, a haphazard murder with not-so-secret messages between the murders, and a murder with a decorative twist. 

13. CHristmas monsters

Join us while we unwrap the history and lore of some lesser known Christmas monsters. Are your children safe from Grya's fifteen tails? Is your belly plump enough to avoid Perchta's knife? Are your candles safe from the Yule Lads? And most importantly -  have you been nice to retail and food service workers? Otherwise, you may not be safe from the Christmas Cat.

14. New year same me: Kenneth Mcduff

Join us while we chat about a vile murderer, who after being paroled, went on to commit more heinous murders. Kenneth McDuff, and his accomplices, were vicious in their assaults and murders. McDuff was released on parole as a result of overcrowding in the 80's and has spurred prison reform in Texas. In addition to discussing his murders,  we'll also discuss VICAP, the Highway Serial Killer Initiative, Criminal Minds, and Matthew Gray Goblin

15.Where is lucas horan?

Join us for a special episode where we discuss the disappearance of Lucas Horan. Lucas, a scientist working to find a cure for cancer, disappeared mysteriously on Christmas Eve of 2020 and his friends and family are continuing to search for him. We'll discuss his last known whereabouts as well as details surrounding the case.

Added after recording and publishing: As of 1/12/21, it has been reported that Lucas' body has been found.

**For more information about how to help visit www.WhereIsLucas.com.**

16. bermuda triangle

Join us while we pass into the Bermuda Triangle. We'll talk about logistics about where the Bermuda Triangle is, some of the anomalies that have transpired and theories about just what’s going on there. Can the weirdness that occurs there be attributed to Etsy-loving pirates? Funky clouds? Swimming aliens? A Rainbow Vortex

17. texas killing fields: calder roard

Join us while we take a trip down I-40 to the Texas Killing Fields. We'll talk about four unsolved murders and a father's quest to find justice for his daughters as well as three possible suspects. 

18. ant hill kids

Join us while we gather to talk about a gruesome cult.  We'll discuss how the Ant Hill Kids formed and grew, the monstrous actions of  Roch Thériault, as well as how he was caught.